About Us

About Turningpoint Pyschotherapy, P.C.

Turningpoint Psychotherapy, P.C., is a behavioral health services formed as a professional corporation in January of 2006 in Lincoln, Nebraska, by a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner/Licensed Professional Counselor, Duol W. Rut, MA, LIMHP, LPC in response to provide culturally & linguistically relevant counseling services to a diverse clientele in an atmosphere that is friendly, pleasant, efficient, safe and nurturing to assist families and their children gain their full mental wellness. TPP focus on helping at-risk adolescent/youth and children, teen mothers and senior citizens with mental/health issues to rebuild their life to become mentally healthy and enjoy emotionally healthy life-style.

Our Mission

The TPP’s Mission is to provide culturally & linguistically relevant therapeutic counseling and consulting services to individuals, groups, adolescents, children, couples, and families to restore and regain control of their lives to lead a healthier, more balanced, and productive lifestyle. It is our commitment and goal to make counseling services available and accessible to Lancaster County/Lincoln residents and at a State wide. To assure continuity of behavioral healthcare, We collaboratively work with mental health providers, healthcare providers and other providers to deliver culturally & linguistically relevant therapeutic counseling and efficient services in an atmosphere that is friendly, pleasant, efficient and safe. In addition, We specialize in transition issues of African/African American children, adults, refugees, underserved, groups, at-risk adolescents, couples, families and senior citizens.

Our Vision:

Assist families, couples, children and individuals to live healthy lifestyle. In deliverance of my services, We treat all our clients with great deal of hospitality, respect, and dignity regardless of their age, race, gender, socio-economic situation, marital status, religion and beliefs, ethnicity and other qualities create values, traditions and patterns in relationships to others and to the global world.

Our Therapeutic Approach is:

To aid you and/or your family in the healing by utilizing interventions that are behaviorally-based and solution-focused that are aims to promotes your personal growth. Our team of providers are well equip to use methods of modern clinical psychology to work for you and they will strive for excellence through superior patient treatment providing therapeutic counseling, healing, education, and life satisfaction. To enhance opportunities for families and children to achieve better health, greater independence, more productive work, school, and sustain an emotionally healthy life. To assist families and children to become self-sufficient as they address socio-economic barriers limiting their paths to success.

Our Core Values:

TURNINGPOINT PSYCHOTHERAPY, P.C.’s dedicated to better health, greater independence, more productive work, school, and sustain an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Collaboration: We value the involvement, cooperation and creativity of all who participate in the fulfillment of our mission.

Hospitality: We welcome one another as children of God, extending warmth, acceptance and friendship to all.

Respect: We have a high regard for the worth of each person as an individual; integrating the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and vocational aspects of their lives.

Innovation: We are passionate in our pursuit of excellence, seeking to effect continual improvement through growth in knowledge and leadership.

Stewardship: We are committed to integrity, and to the wise and prudent use of the human, financial and material resources entrusted to us.

Teaching: We strive to share our knowledge and skills with our co-workers, those we serve in the global communities.

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